Repiping Services in Marietta GA

Does a repipe include drains?

Whole House Repipe The state of Georgia is the 4th of the original 13 states, ratified in 1788. What does this have to do with a whole house repipe article? It is a confirmation of how old many of the homes in the Marietta, Georgia area are. And with old houses, whole house repiping is a common call […]

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Sewer Line Repair Services in Marietta GA

How Long Will a Sewer Line Last?

An Important Part of Your Home There are several main components important to your Marietta, Georgia home. The electricity, plumbing, foundation, and roofing. These are things you either use every day like electricity and plumbing. Then there are the things you know are there, every day, doing their job, like the foundation and roof. But

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Water Heater Services in Marietta GA

Your Water Heater Repair Guide

Can Water Heaters be Repaired? It’s always there. It always gave you what you needed and wanted. How could it just quit without any warning? What are we talking about? The water heater, that appliance that sits in a closet, in the basement, or in the laundry room, quietly doing its job of heating the

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Backflow Prevention in Marietta, GA

What is backflow testing?

Understanding the Basics Just what is backflow and what is backflow testing? Any water distribution system is designed so that the water flows away from the distribution point to the customers. However, water lines burst and other issues can happen in these water systems to affect hydraulic operations. Things like this can be an emergency, so if

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