How do I install plumbing in my bathroom?

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The Importance of Good Plumbing

There are two rooms used in virtually every home every day: the kitchen and the bathroom. And in most homes, the bathroom is used more than the kitchen, making it probably the most important room in the home. That is what makes getting prompt and reliable bathroom plumbing repair so critical. Not being able to bathe, shower, brush your teeth, and most of all, use the toilet isn’t acceptable! 

So, we know the bathroom gets a lot of use, which means wear and tear are expected. The plumbing for the bathtub and shower is just as important as the plumbing to the sink and toilet, so when something isn’t working right, you automatically know you need bathroom plumbing repairs. 

Not all problems are that obvious though. Some things may be considered “characteristic” of an old house when in fact, it is an indication that bathroom plumbing repair should be done sooner than later. Here are six signs your bathroom plumbing needs repair.

Plumbing Pipes Knocking 

If the plumbing pipes are knocking as you shower or wash dishes, there could be problems with valves being loose or the water pressure is too high. Your plumbing has support straps to the wall joist behind the walls. If these come loose, plumbing will knock. While that may not seem to be a problem, if those pipes keep knocking, they are going to come loose at the joints. Then you’ll have a bigger problem, so getting professional bathroom plumbing repair service immediately is recommended. 

Low Water Pressure

When you turn the shower on in the morning, you expect a good steady and strong stream of water. However, when you get a weak stream, a drip, or nothing at all, then you may need bathroom plumbing repair. First, make sure the water is on at the main (did you pay your water bill or is the city having issues?), and make sure the showerhead isn’t clogged. If all of that comes up good, then yes, you need bathroom plumbing repairs. 

Continuous Dripping

If a sink, shower, or tub has a constant drip, it could need bathroom plumbing repair. This can be a DIY bathroom plumbing repair like replacing washers or it could be a problem with the water pressure being too high. While these may seem to be a minor issue, it can lead to some expensive, extensive, and permanent damage if not addressed immediately. Finding a bathroom repair contractor that knows how to repair bathroom plumbing can be done with an internet search of “residential plumbers in my area”. 

Slow Drainage

A slow drain is something that every homeowner will need to deal with at some point. Sometimes, there are quick bathroom repair tips of home remedies like baking soda and vinegar with boiling hot water to fix it. Sometimes, you need to get the plunger or plumber snake. Then other times, this bathroom plumbing repair needs professional plumbing help. 

Water Doesn’t Stay Hot

This is most likely your water heater, but it could be a plumbing leak from the hot water line. A professional plumber can inspect the situation and determine what type of bathroom plumbing repairs you need, including a new water heater. 

Discolored Water

When the water comes out of your faucets, you expect it to be clear and clean. When there is colored water coming out, you have some plumbing issues that some part of your home, underground, kitchen, or bathroom plumbing repair are needed. This is an immediate issue that needs the services of a plumber sooner than later. 

How does bathroom plumbing work?

While it may seem complicated to those of us that aren’t familiar with plumbing, there are just two significant parts to your bathroom plumbing. Among these is a clean incoming water supply. The plumbing system in your home is circulated water from the main valve that is connected to the city water supply. It is located just at your property line and is buried underground. It is under high pressure that allows it to reach each water connection within your home. 

Just before the water meter on your property, there is a shutoff valve. This is there for emergency kitchen and bathroom plumbing repairs. From there is a dedicated water pipe that supplies fresh water to your water heater. The primary function for the incoming water system is to supply your home with clean water when needed. 

The plumbing for your dirty outgoing wastewater is the other major component. Used water in your home will go down the drain, or the toilet, with gravity creating sufficient water pressure to drain the system completely. All out-going plumbing is angled so gravity pulls the wastewater out. The drain-wastewater system is more complex and detailed than the incoming water supply.  There are several components involved here including cleanouts, traps, and vents. Once the wastewater has reached the outside pipe, it is then transported to the city’s main sewer line and then flows to the city wastewater facility. 

How much does it cost to install plumbing for a bathroom?

Well, that can depend on how elaborate of a bathroom plumbing repair or remodeling you need. There are plumbing lines to be installed and run to the various drains and water outlets, and fixtures to install like faucets, sinks, and toilets, among others. 

The type of fixtures, how elaborate and intensive the installation is will affect the cost, as well as how many of each of these things need to be installed. On average, nationwide, the cost can start around $2,000 and reach $10,000 or higher. The basic average is around $5,000 for a basic faucet, sink, toilet, and a two-piece shower and tub system. 

It’s All About The Experience

When it comes to bathroom repair prices, it can vary from plumber to plumber. An individual plumbing contractor may not be as expensive as a nationally known plumbing company. Once they have learned the plumbing trade, including how to repair bathroom faucets, and have received their certification and license, a plumber can venture out on their own or work for a company. If you’re searching for experienced and reliable help with your plumbing, you can reach out to us.

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