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Sewer line repair and replacement is not only expensive but makes a mess in the yard too, until a way to do sewer line repair without digging came along. Now sewer line repair is done by the trenchless method. How does trenchless sewer line repair work though?

In recent years, when old sewer pipes needed replacement, it was a mess. Then trenchless pipe relining appeared and quickly became the preferred method to rehabilitate old sewer pipes where they are instead of digging them up.

Clay, concreted or iron materials have disadvantages that guarantee they will break down or file at some point. With that in mind, it is necessary to verify the sewer line repair is a good candidate for pipe relining. A camera inspection inside the pipe can confirm this for you.

Where is trenchless sewer line repair used?

Accurate leak and specialization of line repair by way of trenchless sewer line repair, aka, no digging, trenchless sewer repair is a trendy substitute when able to use it. An experienced contractor in sewer line repair will reline a pipe system from the inside of a pipe and eliminate the costly and extensive excavation of your property.

Does this mean that trenchless sewer line repair is right for your particular property and case? After the professional contractor has explained the problem, offered the different scenarios of repairs, it is their ultimate decision to go with non-invasive sewer line repair, aka trenchless, or if they prefer the traditional method of digging up the ground.

More property owners are finding there are more benefits with the trenchless sewer line repair, with the biggest on being less expensive. Another benefit of spot sewer line repairs of aging sewer systems the traditional way often leads to creating a new leak.

Who Does Residential sewer line repair?

You can search the local yellow pages, ask a neighbor, or the local ag agency if they can suggest a “sewer line repair near me” based on what your needs are. It also helps to know what type of line is being repaired or replaced, if you prefer trenchless sewer line repair over the traditional method, and of course, the final expense will be a deciding factor for you.

What will Sewer Line Repair Cost

Replacing the average sewer line can cost from $3,000 to $6,000 and upward. Replacing a new sewer line can cost as much as $25,000 or more. Why so expensive? If the job is done manually in the old fashion way, that drives the cost of labor alone.  

Is Sewer line repair covered by insurance?

The first thing to remember is that every homeowner’s insurance policy is different when it comes to a sewer line repair or sewer line replacement. Homeowner’s insurance can cover a variety of different sewer line problems, and the best way to know what is covered by your homeowner’s policy is to verify with your agent. 

If your current policy doesn’t have sewer line repair or replacement coverage as it is, inquire about what type of insurance is needed to have that type of coverage. Your insurance company may pay for coverage of backfill, excavation, and sewer line repair, but your co-pay could still be large. Verify the policy limits before committing to this type of work. 

You may be surprised at what little coverage your standard homeowner’s insurance will pay for a broken or collapsed sewer line repair. You may need to inquire about purchasing a backup rider, or a separate insurance policy for a sewer line insurance to fill in the gaps of your homeowner’s insurance excludes. 

Coverage will be dependent on the damage’s location and how the damage happened. Coverage of a standard homeowner’s insurance will apply to the following risks of a sewer line repair:

  • Aircraft damage
  • Civil Disturbance
  • Fire
  • Hail
  • Lightning
  • Riot Damage
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Wind
  • Vehicular Damage that is not caused by the policyholder
  • Volcanic Eruption

Your homeowner’s coverage for any of these risks could be limited to a sewer line repair of damage within the boundaries of your property. An example would be lightning strikes a city line, they are responsible for their side of the damage and your policy will cover your side under the category of “other structure”. 

With trenchless sewer line repair, the days of digging a trench across your yard from the original pipe are gone. The trenchless method only requires a small pit to access the pipe on end and then a flexible tube that resembles neoprene and resin-coated is pushed into and through the damaged and old sewer pipe.

Compressed air is blown into it that pushes the sleeve outward and against the old pipe’s inside walls, sealing off the damage. As the resin hardens, it will make a solid pipe within a pipe, similar to that of a PVC pipe. While the diameter will be smaller, it will be resistant to root intrusion.

This type of sewer line repair is still done by experienced contractors that have been trained on the equipment and process. Hiring professionals will give you a guarantee and warranty purposes should do much like having gutter services around your home. Call (770) 672-0095 today for your sewer line repair in Marietta, GA.

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